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Bolivia Cast & Blast

Bolivia is the world's new mecca for high-volume dove hunting. Fifteen to twenty million Eared Doves (Zenaida Auriculata) migrate from Brazil each April to feed on the literally millions of acres of Sorghum, Sunflowers and Soybeans. They stay until November, offering bird hunting that can only be described as "astonishing." Our hunters here routinely expend 60-80-100 boxes a day on shoots in a great variety of settings.

We have a fantastic outfitter for our trips in Bolivia. Jorge Molina can be accurately described as "the dean of dove shooting" in first Colombia and for many years now in Bolivia. He and his operations manager, Francisco Gonzalez, have hosted many thousands of American shooters over the last twenty years and his charming lodge, fabulous food presentation and service are really unmatched anywhere else in the continent. Recently returning clients have described his Las Palomas Lodge as "nicer than a Four Seasons Hotel." The lodge is a 30-minute private air charter flight from the Santa Cruz airport.

The "high volume shooting" can be combined with spectacular "high volume fishing" for peacock bass, payara, pacu and other hard-fighting jungle species. It is common for our anglers to catch 20-40 fish a day here, fishing top-water and sub-surface lures and flies! Molina has two options on accommodations for anglers, and both are easily accessed via Bolivian Adventures' private air charters.


Santa Cruz, a surprisingly international and sophisticated city of 1.2 million, is the jump-off point easily reached from Miami. The flight is only six hours as opposed to Argentina, which is nearly twice as far.

This combination of spectacular shooting and fishing is truly unique and very special. We have many clients that have hunted and fished literally all over the world and when they try this Bolivian program, to a man they say nothing else can match it.