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In all there are six different sub-species of Caribou found throughout North America.  I am here to tell you that if you want all of the enjoyment you can stand, book a Caribou Hunt.  Caribou hunting is one of the most enjoyable hunts in North America and most areas allow a client to harvest two trophy animals.
Caribou are FUN TO HUNT and you will almost always bring back a trophy. Also, if you enjoy eating the wild game you shoot, Caribou ranks right up there with Elk and Dall Sheep.  
We utilize several different outfitters for our Caribou Hunting. All have much experience and will do their best to see that you get the animal you are looking for.
Our Central Barren Ground Caribou Outfitter, located on the Manitoba/NWT border, has one of the nicest hunting operations we have ever come across and is one of our favorite hunts.  They also provide a combination hunt where you can hunt a beautiful Canadian Moose at the same time.  Wolf Hunting and fishing for trophy Lake Trout and Northern Pike are also included in the package.