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Without question, one of the most challenging trophies to collect in North America is the elusive trophy Whitetail Deer. It is the most hunted big game species on this continent.

Hunters from the frigid climate in Alberta to the warm climate of South Texas spend countless hours each year in chase of what they may call a trophy.

Our area in Alberta has some magnificent bucks. HUGE bodied deer with massive antlers! Texas also has some of the best Whitetail hunting around.

The Texas Whitetails are typically smaller in stature, but antler growth is very good due to great management efforts and the hunts are often carried out on exotic game ranches. You may even choose to combine your hunt with an exotic animal or two. We also hunt Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and South Dakota.

KTK has hunted with many organizations from New Mexico and Eastern Colorado upwards through Wyoming and Montana. We have located what we feel is the best quality and value on a Mule Deer Hunt available for our clients.

We can book you either to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or South Dakota. Hunts range in time from four days to as many as seven days.

Let us put together a memorable Mule Deer Hunt for you today! Many of the better Mule Deer areas are limited to Black Powder and Archery only. 










There are very few hunts available that offer the shear, simplistic fun of an Antelope Hunt. It is a perfect hunt for the hunter traveling to the Western states for the first time, at a reasonable price. Success is typically very high and the hunts are not too physically challenging. The hunts do not take all of your valuable vacation time either.

We have outfitters in Texas, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming. Texas and New Mexico offer the highest probability of shooting a record book animal, but the costs are considerably higher than that of Wyoming and Montana and the hunts are typically only two days. Wyoming and Montana have some of the best all around Antelope Hunting available and hunts may be combined with Mule Deer and sometimes Elk in those respective states.