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KTK Philosophy 


There simply is no substitute for quality. It defines every aspect of life. We strive for it at work, we require it in the products we buy, and we demand it in our pursuit of pleasure. Quality is a measure of achievement in all that we do, especially when it includes our interests in hunting and fishing.


Experienced sportsmen, like yourself, know the difference. It's the thrill of success in a quest for quality; the royal elk; the record rainbow. Anyone can go for average...but you? You go for the biggest...the best.


KTK understands the role quality plays in a sportsman's life. However, we also believe achieving quality relies less on cost and more on effort. It's why we spend endless hours reviewing, interviewing and touring the outfitters you'll need to rely on to help you achieve your objectives. They must be exceptional. They must offer experienced professional guides. They must be reasonably priced. Whether a sportsman has a budget of $1500 or $30,000, KTK has done the research to provide only the best adventures possible.


Whatever corner of the world you are considering, whatever trophy you seek... Give us a call at KTK and we will assist you in every aspect to make your quest a successful one.

Company History
Kenai To Kariba began booking the finest in hunting and fishing adventure travel back in 1993.  Our services are FREE for our clients and completely funded by our outfitter partners. 
We bring value to both the outfitter and our clients by having better prepared hunters arriving at their respective destination. 
Almost twenty years in the business, we continue to strive to deliver the best opportunities for our clients.  We don’t always offer the least expensive trips, but we deal with the best outfitters in the business and offer the best VALUE. 
You can feel assured that you will be going on an adventure you can be proud of and one that will give you memories lasting a lifetime.
Customer Testimonials
"Few things in life drive a passion in me like big game hunting and traveling the world in pursuit of that endeavor. Kenai To Kariba and their dedication to the best hunting areas and outfitters have helped me travel the world over in pursuit of the finest big game animals. Their attention to details from the original packing lists and reservations, to the professional outfitters themselves and dealing with everything from firearm permits to importation of trophies, allows me valuable time and the confidence to know that I am going on an adventure to remember and be proud of for the rest of my life. The outfitters they support have been hunted with first-hand by them and their associates to insure a professional quality hunting experience every time I go in the field. My family and friends will continue to book all of our hunting trips with Kenai To Kariba!"

Tom Roles-Minnesota