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International Hunting Consultants

Worldwide Big Game Hunting from the finest destinations in North America
to the spectacular hills of Africa and the South Pacific. 
Our name says it all, Kenai To Kariba, use us to your advantage… 

Our hunting outfitters-partners are the finest in the business and
represent the best value in their respective hunting areas worldwide.


Let our experience guide you to the hunting trip of your dreams!
Pick Your Destination

From the Kenai River in Alaska to the ultimate big game destination in the Zambezi River Valley and Lake Kariba in Africa, KTK specializes in providing consultant services to make your next big game adventure one that you will cherish forever.

Hire The Best

With over twenty years experience traveling the world in search of the best outfitters and professional hunters, KTK and its consultants have the ability to put you "where the old ones go to die".

Enjoy The Experience

Experienced sportsmen, like yourself, know

the difference. It's the thrill of success in a quest for quality; the royal elk; the record rainbow. Anyone can go for average...but you? You go for the biggest...the best.

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“Survivor” Hunt on the Kenai Peninsula…

So the trip began, not unlike most others with anxious anticipation for the adventures to come… Our vessel-based Mountain Goat Hunt on the Kenai Peninsula with Captain Paul Brand via the Alaskan Adventurer was roughly one year away. Much time was spent over the next year in discussion of the hunt, going over maps of areas, hoping that the Halibut bite would still be on as the added bonus to a vessel-based hunt. Not many things depict “icing on the cake” better than a 50# box of Halibut going home with you after a fantastic hunt.

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Conservation Organizations


 Kenai To Kariba is a proud member
of these responsible conservation organizations:
Dallas Safari Club & SCI



Kenai To Kariba has partnered with A1travel MN, ensuring our clients have carefree travel to and from their adventure of a lifetime.

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